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Axial flux machines

If T is the developed torque, L is the length of the electric machine, D is the diameter of the machine, B is the magnetic induction at the air gap, i dl is the current circulating in the windings and F is the developed force, we notice that, in the axial flux machine, the Torque-Diameter relationship goes with the third power, while on the radial flow machine the torque goes with the second power and linearly with the length. This leads to a reduction of overall dimensions on the axial flux machine with the same torque developed.

Discover our axial flux motors

Axial flux motors and generators

The experience gained by Lucchi R. E-Motor Solutions in the production of axial flux motors and generators has highlighted several advantages for this type of electric machine:

  • High torque per unit of mass and volume
  • High overload capacity
  • High heat dissipation capacity and low losses
  • High robustness
  • Modularity and stackability

Due to these advantages and the unconventional form factor, Lucchi R. E-Motor Solutions decided to invest in the development of axial flux electrical machines with permanent magnets.

General structure

  • Our typical axial flux machines have a stator in the middle and two rotors facing the sides of the stator.
  • Each rotor consists of permanent magnets attached to a ferromagnetic disk that closes the magnetic flux.
  • Rotors can be supported by bearings as part of the machine's mechanical structure, or by the customer's mechanical structure (frameless).

Upon the customer's request and to meet any development needs, we produce customized axial flux machines.


  • The form factor, especially the small axial length, allows us to stack two or more machines to achieve a scalable structure.
  • In addition, each machine is electrically independent, allowing redundancy and continuity of service in case of a stage failure.


  • Our windings are made with H class, or higher, enamel and thermal insulation which we can customize according to customers' needs and the performance to be achieved.
  • Usually, our machines are made with flat copper wire - that compared to the traditional round wire - has an optimized filling factor. In this way, it reduces Joule losses and increases both the performance and efficiency of the electrical machine.
  • We have made special machines that allow shaping flat wires.
    In this way, we ensure the production of large numbers and guarantee a qualitative and procedural standard.
  • In addition to traditional wire windings, we are specialized in the realization of special windings with Litz Wire.

Cooling system

  • Lucchi R. E-Motor Solutions has developed special patented cooling systems.
  • Our machines are typically liquid-cooled to achieve the best performance.
  • The cooling system, located in the mechanical frame of the machine, directly cools the stator windings maintaining a lower thermal resistance.
  • Thanks to their high heat dissipation capacity, our machines achieve high torque values per unit of weight and volume.
  • This cooling layout also has the ability to allow repeated and longer-lasting overloads.