Design and verification


We precisely check the feasibility of each project.

Lucchi R. E-Motor Solutions provides all the elements necessary for the design, prototyping and testing of radial flux or axial flux rotating electrical machines.

Feasibility study

According to required performances and dimensional constraints, we can perform feasibility studies and preliminary design of the electrical machine. Then we finalize the proposal to the customer and verify if the project can be optimized.

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According to the customer's needs, we design the electromechanical solution that suits the best for the application. In the design, phase we use the main CAD and electromagnetic simulation software.

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Our equipment allows us to quickly develop prototypes for tests or small-scale special productions. We use dimensional testing and rapid prototyping machines which simplify checks and preliminary testing of the electrical machine assembly.

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Once the first prototype has been built, we carry out several static tests: phase resistance measurement, DC insulation tests, AC dielectric strength and surge tests. Then the motor is installed on the test bench and characterized to validate the theoretical study. Upon request, we also perform specific tests and particular thermal cycles. In addition, we make the test benches available to customers who need to verify the performance of their motor.

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Industrialization and production

We have the internal know-how to industrialize the product for the production of small or medium quantities. We also offer an internal repair service for third party electric machines.

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We offer over 70 years of experience in the electric motors field to provide repair and assistance service. We overhaul, and repair, electric motors of all types and sizes starting from an approximate size of 3kW. Once the repair has been carried out, if the equipment allows it, we can also perform a test bench trial.

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