Assistenza e riparazioni


Our skilled experience enables us to make major assessments and repairs.

Repairs and testing

Once fixed, we proceed with the reassembling of all the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts of the machine: at the end of this delicate process, we're going to test the repaired motor. During the trial, we perform several stress tests to evaluate its operating parameters and to issue the related customer guarantee certification.

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Diagnostics, quoting
and inspection

First of all, we carry out an accurate assessment of the condition of the motor to recognize any damage. Together with the customer, we assess the cost-effectiveness of the repair based on the respective estimate. Once the repair has been approved, the mechanical processing, repair or actual replacement of all damaged components follows.

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Types of intervention

In some cases we limit ourselves to minor maintenance interventions: cleaning, brushes replacement, motors alignment, checks with hotspot thermal imaging camera and vibration analysis to determine any anomalies. In other cases, a more targeted intervention can be structured into more significant processes such as replacement of deteriorated bearings, rework of the seats, washing and drying of the motors and remaking of the motor's windings.

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