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Lucchi R.
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Since 1949, Lucchi R. E-Motor Solutions offers worldwide services in electric motor designing, manufacturing and assistance.
Over the years, Lucchi R. E-Motor Solutions has been closely following the technological evolution of electric motors, giving prompt response to client demand by expanding its staff with specialized resources, equipment, diagnostic systems and motor dynamometer test with energy recovery.

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'The perfect motor doesn't exist. There is, in every situation, a more suitable motor than others'. G. Lucchi

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Lucchi R. E-Motor Solutions performs repair services on electric motors of every type, analysis of transformer oils and inspection of transformers.

Lucchi R. E-Motor Solutions has an extensive knowledge of electric motor designing and manufacturing. We also specialize in assistance, repairs and test of electric machinery.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to design and manufacture induction motors and we're expert in axial flux electric machines production.
Our motors are used in several applications, from agriculture to automotive, from aviation to logistics, from marine to power generation.

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